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Book cover of Predators by Steve Backshall - 9781444004175


by Steve Backshall

Format: Hardback
Publisher: Hachette Children's Books
Date of publication: 2011-10-06
Shipped From: UK
Price: US$15.23

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Description: A full colour gift book featuring BAFTA nominated Steve Backshall's encounters with the world's deadliest predators. His "Deadly 60" TV series has 2.6 million viewers per show per month. Find out whether a black mamba is faster than an Olympic swimmer, and whether a cheetah can outrun a Tour de France cyclist. Ages: 9+
In-Stock: 200
Weight: 765g
Subject Keywords: Children,Childrens,Teen
ISBN: 9781444004175
Genre: Children & Teens (General Youth Non Fiction)

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